case studies

  • Client : Naveen Distributors
  • Location : Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  • Project Type : Ground Mounted
  • Capacity : 1 MW
  • Scope of Work : Turnkey EPC

Challenges Faced: One of the key challenge of this project was rigid timeline. We were also expected to receive requisite Govt approvals related to the project in the dearly time line. We received possession of the site on March 05, 2017 and the project was successfully commissioned on March 31, 2017. The site was located in desert having harsh desert conditions like high temperature, dust storms, scorching heat and other exhausting conditions.

How we executed it: Our team decentralized the entire scope of work. Each task was micro managed by project team. We used our special  Project Management system “AddPro” to manage the entire project. Our team successfully managed the connectivity, did state registration, received commissioning approvals from Chief Electrical Inspector to Government (CEIG) in record time, setting a benchmark for our future projects.

  • Client : Central Electronics Limited
  • Location : Various Locations across Maharashtra
  • Project Type : Ground Mounted
  • Capacity : 50 MW
  • Scope of Work : Turnkey EPC

Challenges Faced: The sites were located across Maharashtra. There were logistical issues. Efficient distribution of manpower across sites was another key concern. Installation of invertors, PV Panels, SCBs was equally challenging given the geographical spread of sites. Availability of site engineers was another challenge.

How we executed it: The project team handled the internal logistics coherently. The entire process of work was standardized as per Quality Management System. SOPs were laid down and followed strictly in order to avoid any discrepancy in service delivery. We accommodated variations across sites and managed to have same pattern of small capacities of average size.

  • Client : Shree Cold Storage Jaswant Nagar
  • Location : Etawah, UP
  • Project Type : Rooftop
  • Capacity : 200 KW
  • Scope of Work : EPC

Challenges Faced: It was our first Hybrid project on a cold storage in Uttar Pradesh. We had limited space availability to keep our inventory and stock. Designing of the roof had to be in sync with clients requirement.

How we executed it: The site survey was done with utmost care. Shree Cold storage was an important client. We made sure our firm delivers the best quality of service of highest order. The project was commissioned successfully by our abled and experience team in stipulated period. 

  • Client : Suzlon
  • Location : Dhule, Maharashtra
  • Project Type : Ground Mounted
  • Capacity : 30 MW
  • Scope of Work : DC Package

Challenges Faced: The site was located in rocky terrain. Approaching the site was challenging. There were other issues of land acquisition, Transporting all the components from the warehouse to the site is was a challenge given the poor site accessibility. There were also issues related to land acquisition and political interference.

How we executed it: Suzlon was reputed client to work with. Providing quality work and service delivery is our core business principle. Our experienced Project Management team successfully executed the project. Local liasoning was done to remove roadblocks. Stakeholder management meeting was conducted to take various stakeholder’s  into confidence.

  • Client : Azure
  • Location : Bhadla, Jodhpur
  • Project Type : Ground Mounted Solar Park
  • Capacity : 66 MW
  • Scope of Work : DC Package

Challenges Faced: The site was located in a desert. The work at the solar park commenced in peak summer season with temperatures rising up to 50 degree Celsius. The work environment was thus hazardous. There were also instances of resistance from local community. Shifting sand dunes made diffing up of trenches for underground cables difficult. Sand storms were another common phenomenon across the region which affected the speed of work.

How we executed it: Azure was a big client and the expectation with the project delivery was certainly high. Our team left no stone unturned and fought against all odds including the fury of nature. The site engineering team of Addwatt Power must be commended for their dedication and commitment in completing the project on time. Each component of the project was done in accordance with highest standards principles established at Addwatt Power Code of Business

  • Client : Central Coal Fields
  • Location : Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Project Type : Roof Top
  • Capacity : 220 KW
  • Scope of Work : Turnkey EPC

Challenges Faced: The site was a live hospital. As a result challenges related to small time frame to work, extra precautions to be taken while moving the logistics without harming the day to day operations at hospital was important. Another biggest challenge was DG synchronization of operation theatre.

How we executed it: Addwatt Power is a responsible firm with demonstrated history of successful project implementation across unique sites. This case was unique in its site operation. Our learned team of professionals took all the necessary step in ensuring the operations of hospitals are not even interrupted for a day. The work schedule was accommodated and DG synchronization was successfully executed without obstructing functioning of Operation theatre.

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